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ELRC Malta Seminar generates strong interest and high attendance

Language Technology is shaping our multilingual future. It has already been transforming the way we interact with our devices and with each other, the way we shop, work and travel. More and more it reshapes our interaction with service providers, either public or private. Programs that automatically correct spelling errors and aid sophisticated writing, digital assistants that transform our voices to text messages on mobile phones, bots that answer our calls to the bank or to our social security organisation, systems that automatically translate from a foreign language, and much more, are already empowering our everyday lives, our businesses and our administrations. But can we fully use our own language in our digital interactions? Is our language adequately supported and ready to keep pace with the technological advancements of the AI era? 

The National Language Technology Platform was represented by Toms Eriks Hanson from Tilde and Keith Cortis from MITA (Malta Information Technology Agency) sharing the positive impact it has had in countries where an NLTP concept has been implemented and how such a platform can help the public and private sector.

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