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Introducing TRADUZZJONI - the National Language Technology Platform of Malta

On 28 June, Malta has launched the National Language Technology Platform – TRADUZZJONI available at

The platform provides high-quality machine translation services for the Maltese-English-Maltese language, and access to the machine translation service eTranslation provided by the European Commission, which enables the translation option to and from all 24 official European languages. TRADUZZJONI machine translation service is located on Maltese public administration infrastructure, providing high standards of security and confidentiality for the created text and document translation.

TRADUZZJONI is the tool to strengthen the Maltese language in a digital environment and ensure that it continues to exist and is used. The usage of this platform is unlimited, and it will allow one to increase the efficiency, process automation, security and accessibility of Malta’s public services.

Furthermore, from this point, TRADUZZJONI can be easily developed for other language tools such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, smart chatbots, and text anonymisation and extended with the Large Language Models (known publicly as ChatGPT) use cases.


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