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All the key language tools and services in one platform

NLTP comes with powerful language technology tools and features. The platform can also be customized to include your own branding, additional features and it is compatible with integration into your workflow, proprietary systems or third-party technology providers.


Real-Time Translations

With just one click you can translate documents, texts, and even websites in real time securely and confidentially.  You will have the vast translation resources of the European Commission e-Translation service at your fingertips as well as useful features such as speech recognition and transcription. 

Explore NLTP toolkit features

Terminology Management

Terminology is the cornerstone of consistent, clear communication. Import, export and search terminology collections. Build unique terminology collections for each domain and project to define how specific words and phrases should be translated.


Online CAT Tool

Polish and make improvements to your translated content with the help of the translation memories, terminology, and machine translation in our integrated CAT tool

Website Translation

Instant high-quality website content translation into multiple languages. Easy integration, effortless setup, review and management the translations, and a seamless user experience for the visitors to your website.


Integrate Using API

Connect NLTP to your working environment effortlessly using an easy-to-setup API for a smooth and fast exchange of information between different users and system.

Speech Recognition & Synthesis

Speed up document preparation and communication by converting speech to readable files and vice versa.  Use the power of speech to make information accessible to people with visual impairments.


Multilingual AI chatbots

Automate customer service and other processes for public institutions. Text/voice chatbots are easy to develop, integrate, and train without any coding skills.

The anonymization tool

Anonymize sensitive information such as personal data. The tool reduces manual work and ensures documents anonymity before making them public.



Get customized NLTP platform with additional cutting-edge features and your own branding. NLTP provides security, scalability, quality, different integration options and flexibility. NLTP team also provides full technical support

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