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Iceland introduces MUNINN – their National Language Technology Platform

On June 14, Iceland launched its national language technology platform MUNINN, which provides high-quality machine translation services for Icelandic-English-Icelandic language, and access to the machine translation service eTranslation provided by the European Commission, which enables the translation option to and from all 24 official European languages.

MUNINN machine translation service is located on Iceland’s public administration infrastructure, providing high standards of security and confidentiality for the created text and document translation. Iceland’s citizens will have quick and easy access to public sector services and information at any time in the language of their choice.

MUNINN will not only serve as a translation tool for the public: it will be used to translate all public administration institutions’ websites, services and internal platforms. For example, public institutions will be able to use a freely available, simple plug-in, which will translate websites for all the needed languages instantly. This will make public services easily accessible for foreign people, investors, business companies, tourists and so on, which is important for economic growth.

Why MUNINN? In Norse mythology, Muninn is one of the ravens that fly all over the world and bring information to the god Odin. We're sure that understanding stories and news from worldwide will be much easier for Munnin, as now he has all the language tools at his fingertips.


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