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National Language Technology Platform

The National Language Technology Platform (NLTP) lets you use the latest AI-powered language technology tools for free! Translate documents, make your website multi-language, use consistent terminology, and much more.

Real-time translations of any type of content

Translate documents, emails, reports, presentations, articles and even websites

Powerful language technology tools for efficient multilingual communication

Terminology management, multi-language websites, speech recognition and synthesis and much more

On-premises or private cloud deployment for maximum data-security

Rely on government-grade data security that ensures full data privacy and confidentiality

Customize NLTP platform with cutting-edge features and your own branding

Display your brand identity at every step of the translation process by customizing NLTP with your logo, brand colours and fonts.

Security, scalability, quality, integration and flexibility

Public sector institutions, organizations and enterprises across Europe can get free access to their own NLTP or get their own customized version.

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Why do you need NLTP? Let's see...


official languages in the European Union 


languages are widely spoken in the European Union


of Europeans don't speak English well enough to hold a conversation


59% of Europe’s internet users only use their native language on the web

Get started with NLTP


Fill out the contact form to get started with NLTP


Choose the FREE off-the-shelf NLTP or customized solution


Quickly integrate NLTP and start using it

Our events

08.12.2022 | Iceland

ELRC Workshop in Iceland 

Language Technology is shaping our multilingual future. It has already been transforming the way we interact with our devices and with each other, the way we shop, work and travel. 


08.12.22 ELRC @ Iceland

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